A bawdy, badass, bombshell.
Sophisticated, sassy and sidesplitting.


meet lauren hunter

I'm a native New Yorker, actor and writer. Sarcasm comes as naturally to me as this shade of hair color. Like my good legs and compulsion to change seats, I inherited it from my grandmother (thanks Mildred).

As a babe, mom hung custom-made curtains on a clothesline over a platform in my bedroom and I put on plays for the doormen on the upper west side. It was during the times of indie restaurants, hookers and rent control. You know, when it was cool up there. She took me to see Off Off Broadway plays with naked people in hell and raved about Bette Midler in the bathhouses. I was a bossy magician and my little sister was an obedient assistant when I entertained at every one of her birthday parties (sorry Erica).

My first stage production was Really Rosie for an after-school program at Columbia Prep. I choose the play after seeing it Off Broadway. It was an age-appropriate option (thanks mom). There were bright lights, boas, hand-held mics and a full 99-seat house. I was Rosie. I was good. I was hooked.

Later, I got a B.A. in English and Women's Studies from SUNY Buffalo, which made me freezing, angry, political and a great writer. I tried to save the world, but couldn't (sorry world).

Back in NYC, I put down the picket signs and picked up Meisner, completing a two-year program with the excellent JoAnna Beckson. Since that time I have studied with some of the city’s greats, including the LAByrinth Theatre Company, The Barrow Group and the Atlantic Theatre Company. I appeared in writer/director Brant Sersen’s films, Splinterheads and the upcoming Sanatorium.

I was thrilled to discover I could hold my own performing opposite the inestimable David Zayas (Dexter) during the Nomad Series, seven nights of staged readings of one-act plays at The Bank Street Theatre and Cherry Lane Theatre.

I've performed my original works, including my traumedic solo show, Help Yourself, on the stages of the Manhattan Ensemble Theatre, Dixon Place Theatre, UCB, The PIT and the Manhattan Monologue Slam.

And for all this, I am very, very grateful (thanks universe).